How To Get Higher Rankings in Google MapsAsking how to get higher rankings in Google maps and other search engines?

We have a lot of customers asking how they can get their dealership listed higher in Google Map Listings and also the other search map listings like Bing and Yahoo.  Local search listings are an optimization process all in their own and rely on the web of your dealership listings across the internet.

Do you want online citations?

Google Maps relies on what they call “citations” to determine the worth of your dealership online.  There are other factors that determine the rank, but “citations” are huge in determining your rank.  A “citation” is a mention of your dealership name, address, phone number, web address or any reference to your dealership online.  All of these mentions add up to how many sites are “talking” about your dealership.  The more talk out there, the more relevant you must be, which will result in a higher ranking in the search maps.

Dealership address must be consistent

Another huge factor in how well you rank is the consistency of your total listings.  If your address and dealership name is inconsistent across the multiple platforms out there that list local businesses, it is almost like having a single listing that is not doing you any favors.  Additionally, if your listing is the same across all local listings, you are creating a huge amount of links and citations that create a huge ball of citations that make the dealership bigger as a whole across the web.  Any place you list your dealership, make sure it is the same every time!!!

If you have more questions about how you can get a better ranking in Google Maps, Bing Maps, Yahoo Maps and all the other local search engines, contact us any time!

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