A Systematic Process That Creates Sales

Our systematic approach is based on reaching your target audience and growing sales while using key data points to show the effectiveness of your campaigns. We use a combination of online marketing strategies and platforms to get you in front of potential customers while creating calls to action to click, call, or walk in the door to make a purchase. Don’t forget your co-op dollars to help pay for your marketing!

How our 3-Principals Marketing System comes into play.

  • #1 Research – Gather data on current statistics, rankings, traffic, and leads for a standard to measure results.
  • #2 Implement – Get your digital marketing plan in place and in front of your target audience.
  • #3 Measure – Our reporting will track every aspect of activity to provide key performance indicators (KPI’s) each month.

Having a game plan that is tracked and monitored is the only path to success with any digital marketing strategy.

Bottom line…We take care of these multiple marketing aspects so you don’t have to. 

Equipment Dealer Digital Marketing

Key Performance Indicators

Monthly reporting will monitor key data points to gauge the effectiveness of your digital campaigns. This data allows you to see how your marketing is producing results and which avenues are producing the best results. Are you watching all of these critical data points with your current marketing?

  • Website Traffic

  • Equipment Quote Requests

  • Number of Leads

  • Cost Per Click (CPC)

  • Customer Acquisition Cost (CPA)

  • Conversion Rate

  • Search Engine Rankings

  • Backlinks Growth

  • Return on Investment (ROI)

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